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Ann Marie’s Bail Bonds. Need a bail bondsman Tennessee? Need affordable bail bonds Tennessee? Ann Marie’s Bonding is a Company with Professional Tennessee Bail Bondsman!! We are a true bail bond service and Professional Tennessee Bail Bondsman executing bail bonds 24 hours a day 7 days a week, bail bonding in most East Tennessee Counties. 

Ann Marie’s Bonding Company is a Tennessee bonding company with bondsman located in Knoxville Tennessee. Every Tennessee bonding company is governed by Tennessee’s bail bond laws and regulations. Ann Marie’s Bonding Company was established in 2009 and is in compliance with all of Tennessee bail bond laws and regulations.

As a Tennessee bonding company, Ann Marie’s Bonding Company is currently doing business in most eastern districts in the state and has professional Tennessee Bail Bondsman, executing bail bonds 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please look here to find the county you are needing  and then contact the Professional Bail Bondsman in that area by clicking the phone number on any mobile device.

How To Make Bail Bonds

Ann Marie’s Bail Bonds Tennessee

Bail Bonds Tennessee

  • Choose a bonding company qualified in Tennessee.
  • Call and talk to a Professional Bail Bondsman in Tennessee. The basic arrangements will be made over the phone with our bail bondsman. Discuss the bail bond amount, and how much you should pay. Afterwards, you will then agree on a meeting place and time, our bail bondsman are responsive to your bail bond needs .
  • Meet your Bail Bondsman at the jail or selected place. Sign and agree to the bonding contract, you need to have a valid ID.
  • Be sure to protect yourself and get a receipt.
  • A Professional Bail Bondsman in Tennessee  will fill out all of the appropriate paperwork to post the bail bond.
  • The jail will process the bail bond and release the defendant. Jail processing time will be approximately 2 – 4 hours. The bail bonding company or bail bondsman can’t control the jail processing time.

Tennessee Bail Bondsman Fees and Taxes

Ann Marie’s Bail Bonds fees are 10% of the bond amount for Tennessee residents with a Cosigner. Bail bonding fees are 15% of the bond amount for out of state residents. There is also a service charge of $25. Every person bonded must pay a Tennessee bail bond tax of $12.00. These fees and taxes are not refundable.

Bond Security

High risk bonds must pay an additional fee called bond security. However, bond security is refundable. When you agree to pay bond security, protect yourself and get a receipt.

  • The bond security is refundable once the defendant has made all of their court appearances  and there is a disposition entered for the case.
  • If the defendant fails to appear in Court, and cannot be returned in a timely manner. The bond security is used to satisfy the obligation to the Court and will not be refunded.


  • Out of state bonds without a local Cosigner
  • Illegal Immigrants without a local Cosigner
  • Any bond the Agent deems high risk.

Cosigning Tennessee Bail Bonds

Most bail bonds require a Cosigner. Contact Ann Marie’s Bail BondsCompany in Tennessee if the defendant fails to appear in court. There is a narrow window of opportunity to avoid additional charges.

  • The Cosigner is liable for the full amount of the bond.
  • The Cosigner is  liable for the expenses of locating and capturing the defendant.

Tennessee Professional Bail Bondsman

Do you need a bail bondsman Tennessee? Do you need a bail bonding company Tennessee?

A Tennessee Professional Bail Bondsman should be ethical, personable, informative, courteous, and have completed all of the requirements set forth by the state of Tennessee, certain persons are disqualified.

“Professional bondsman” means any person, firm, partnership or corporation, engaged for profit in the business of furnishing bail, making bonds or entering into undertakings, as surety, in criminal proceedings, or for the appearance of persons charged with any criminal offense or violation of law or ordinance punishable by fine, imprisonment or death, before any of the courts of this state, including municipal courts. 

There are many types of bonds that a bail bondsman can help you with, the list below is not a complete list, but is an example of the many types of bail bonds and other terminologies you may here when you or someone you know is presented with a legal issue, to help with your knowledge of bail bonds and the job duties of a bail bondsman this article will serve as a starting point to give clarity to the confusing and strange terminology surrounding the bail bond industry, and bail bondsman.

Types of bonds in no certain order

1. Appearance bonds
2. Surety liable bonds
3. No Bond
4. Holds
5. Immigration Bonds
6. Juvenile Bonds
7. Federal Bonds
8. Purge
9. Cash Bond
10. O.R. Bond (own recognizance) 
11. Professional Bail Bond company
12. Surety Bonds 
13. Out of State Bonds
14. Property Bonds
15. Collateral Bonds
16. Signature Bonds
17. Conditional Bonds
18. General Sessions Bonds
19. Criminal Court Bonds
20. Circuit Court Bonds

1. Appearance Bond

 Lets look first at the most common type bond, that would be an Appearance bond, this type bond is posted to secure the “Appearance” of the individual in the court determined to face the charge that is presented against them, for example, this is a situation a bail bondsman can help you.
 Lets say a person is driving, they are seen crossing the center line of the road by a police officer, the officer pulls the person over, determines it could be due to alcohol consumption, give a field sobriety test, the person fails the test, the officer arrests the individual, takes them to the jail, they are booked, the magistrate sets the bail bond at $3,000.00, gives a court date, at this time the individual is charged with a crime and has a choice, that can wait in jail until the court date, or post the $3,000.00 appearance bond, they can do so by giving $3,000.00 to the court to secure their release, or pay a bondsman to give the $3,000.00 to the court, and if the person shows for all of their court dates and gets the case over then the $3,000.00 is returned, if they FTA (Fail to Appear) then the money is forfeited permanently or until the individual is arrested again, other rules and laws apply as well, but thats the short version.

2. Surety liable bonds

This type of bond is not as common, but does exist in Hamilton County TNas well as other counties, this type of bond is not to secure the appearance of a person, this is to secure the payment or financial responsibility of something the individual owes the courts, it could be fines, court costs, retribution or any number of things, this type of bond you will not find easy to get a bonding company to do, because all a individual has to do is NOT pay their debt, and guess who does? Yep the bonding company does, you may not find a bondsman to help you with this one, usually this


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